Julian Realty was established in 1946, 60 years ago, at the same location at 2127 Main Street, neighboring both the Julian Town Hall and Chamber of Commerce.

The real estate agent team of Julian Realty is known for upholding the highest professional standards and having extensive local expertise in the unique property and homes in Julian, as well as the surrounding areas of Warner Springs and Santa Ysabel. .

Dennis Frieden acquired 100% of Julian Realty in 2002. He believes that as the active and prosperous baby boomers retire, they will seek a life quite different from that they have become accustomed to during the last several decades. National surveys and statistics on this trend show there is a growing preference for more rural settings, featuring natural scenic beauty, located within an hour or so driving time from family, friends, and local interests.

As this trend gains momentum and the boomers adjust their living needs, we at Julian Realty believe that Julian and the surrounding areas will emerge as an ideal location for home and property buying. The charming, small town setting of Julian is just now being discovered by the early retirees, most of whom are turning 60 this year. So far, 75% of the residential buyers in 2006 have completed the provisions of their employer retirement agreements or are very close to it, and have bought homes in the Julian area.

Julian Realty has the professional service and standards that you have come to expect in Southern California, but more importantly, we have the specialized knowledge to help you understand the complex nature of these rural properties. Wells, water districts, septic tanks, leach fields, property corners, easements, “bootleg” improvements, setbacks, and “off grid” are just a few of the issues you may encounter when buying property in Julian or the surrounding areas. We highly recommend that you consider working with one of our professionally trained and locally proficient, agents from Julian Realty to assist you during the buying process.

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