Julian, California offers gorgeous weather, notable tourism destinations and a variety of outdoor activities with out sacrificing the small town atmosphere and breathtaking natural surroundings. Explore all that Julian has to offer from wineries and camping, to local businesses, job opportunities and schools:

Climate and Weather in Julian

In Julian, California, the weather is generally temperate however highs and lows are a bit more extreme than in the coastal regions due to elevation. Because of the variation in temperature the seasonal changes in Julian are more distinct than in other areas of San Diego County, offering changing leaves in fall, the possibility of light snow in the winter, verdant landscapes in spring and perfect outdoor weather in the summer. For more information about Julian weather and up-to-date forecasts for the surrounding areas, visit the Weather Underground.

Resorts and Spas

In addition to basic lodging options, Julian and the surrounding areas of Santa Ysabel and Warner Springs also offer luxurious resort and spa accommodations, as well as a variety of charming bed and breakfast inns. The successful bed and breakfast industry in Julian is one of the main tourism draws of the area. Learn more about available accommodations in the area by clicking on the following links:


The growing popularity of the region’s wineries has helped to increase tourism to Julian from San Diego, North County and even the Los Angeles area. The weather in Julian is ideal for cultivating grapes, aiding in the success of the areas wineries. For more information about wineries in and around the Julian area, pleas click on the links below:

Outdoor Activities and Campgrounds

Another important Julian, California tourism draw is the vast array of outdoor activities, state parks and nature preserves. Whether you enjoy camping, apple picking, horseback riding, hiking, fishing or other activities, Julian and the surrounding areas offers a multitude of options for indulging your many outdoor interests. The weather in Julian is ideal for exploring the outdoors, so check out the websites listed below for more information about parks and activities in the area:

Schools in Julian, California

Julian, California offers outstanding schools and educational facilities from preschool through high school, making Julian a great place to raise a family. Explore the links below to learn more about available education in Julian for your children.

Local Businesses and Employment Opportunities in Julian

There are many successful businesses in Julian that cater to the tourism industry, as well as the needs of local residents. In addition, there are also several nearby companies that provide employment to many individuals within the area. To learn more about businesses in the area and explore job listings, click on the links provided below:

Internet Service Providers

Julian offers many of the technological conveniences of a big city, which includes providing the latest internet and cable services to area residents:

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